Cotangent beta 1.03: Supports on object overhangs cropped by the bed


Well, not actually a bug but an unhandled exception:

There are two issues I’ve found concerning the generated paths of an object intersecting the edge of a printer’s bed. The issue shows up if there’s a higher part of an object being not connected (due to clipping at the edge) to the part at the bed any more. E.g.: Move the bunny to a position hitting the bed’s edge where its head is outside AND its ear is still at the printer’s inside.

You’ll notice the small support slice outside the printable XYs marked by the blue arrow. This will cause hardware collision (or the printer refuses to print at all). This region is a slice of an automatic support meant to support the tip of the bunny’s ear still in the volume (marked by the magenta arrow)

In case of using Tree supports the support structure might own the same issue as the bunny object. Parts of the tree might be inside the printer’s volume while other needed parts are outside.
The tree is cropped the same way as the either object (here are no paths outside the bed as above) but there’s no connection any more between the lower and upper parts of the tree (as in the middle screenshot). Means the print has to fail:

The only option that works on such a situation is to use Block supports. Those are cropped fine while keeping a connection.:


Thanks! first issue will be fixed in next update. Second one will be fixed when I revisit this support generator (which clearly needs many other improvements…)