Mesh from nothing but Vertices



Apologies if this is a dumb question, but is there anything that can be done if all i have is a localised section of a dense point cloud? I have been through the tutorials and can seen how a DMesh3 can be created. But i do not have a collection of normals to go with the vertices. Is there anything in the g3Sharp toolkit which can help? I know normal estimation is a large subject in itself.

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I don’t think these tools create meshes, just modify and usage functions. You would likely need to use another library for that. I use Ceometric tools for the triangulation of the points. There are others, but none of the good ones are free in my experience.



Thanks for your reply. Yes i use the same Geometric Tools SDK as well. I just wanted to ask the question in case i was missing something. The PCA library has tools to compute normals and mesh scan data as well. There are quite a few papers out there details various approaches, i am just trying to get a feel as to what this SDK is capable of. :smile:

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Cool. I wonder if this spelling checker is changing things on you. The delunay tool of choice for me is Ceometric, not geometric. The various libraries out there may not be optimized but the ceometric one seems robust and its the best algorithm for at least 2.5 d triangulation.
Also, did you mean PCL (not PCA) for point cloud manipulation? Its c++ of course but I had not heard of PCA.


LOL… Yes PCL not PCA, sorry! Ah, ok i had not heard of Ceometric, that’s interesting, thanks i will check it out. It’s C++ but if you have not heard of Powercrust that is worth a look too. I’ve been getting some pretty great results out of it, with no prior normal information.


I just checked a few days ago and ceometric seems to be out of business or something. I use now but that is for what civil engineers do for land surfaces. It is “2.5” d, meaning no coves or undercuts. It would not be good for real watertight 3d objects as it always has a boundary that is open, like a blanket laid on grass or something.